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Equipment Rentals

We carry top of the line equipment from the most respected manufacturers, giving you the tools to ensure the success of your events.

Wireless Microphones & In-Ear Monitoring Systems

With Top of the Line Axient Digital RF Systems & PSM1000 In-Ear monitoring systems you can be sure that your event has the strongest and most reliable signal in the industry. In today's constantly changing RF enviroment...Be prepared with the best.

Digital Mixers & Stageboxes

With digital mixers from Digico, Yamaha, Allen & Heath, and Avid there is definitely a mixer to meet your show's needs. Coupled with todays modern digital stageboxes we can help you get your show where you want it to be.


 4'x8' Aluminum decks make a solid base for your performance. Variable height with stairs, ramps, and railing available.


Traveling with gear can be tough. Fly in and use one of our professionally maintained in house backline instruments. Guitars from Fender, Schecter, PRS and more. Keyboards from Yamaha, Roland, and NORD. Yamaha, DW, Tama Drum kits. AMPS for every occasion.

PA Systems and Stage Monitors

Stocked with line array and point source boxes from L'Acoustic and NEXO Audience sizes from 10 to 10,000 we are able to accommodate any event in any location.

Lighting & Effects

Par lights, Movers, Haze...Simple elements that add up to make a big impact on your show's visual presentation. Ask us about fixtures you may need.


From the industry standard Shure SM58 to boutique studio mics, we have something for every situation to make your signal sound the way it was meant to be heard.

External Hardware & FX Units

Vintage hardware and effect units impart a distinct sound. If they are part of your workflow we strive to make them available for your show.

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